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Nop Vehicle Fitments

nopCommerce plugin for stores selling vehicle/auto parts that allows customers to filter parts based on their vehicle

Nop Vehicle Fitments plugin for nopCommerce allows customers to filter vehicle (or automotive) parts on a specific vehicle.

Some features of this plugin are:

  • Store owner can select where they would like the filtering dropdowns to display on the frontend
  • Store owner can select the type of layout that the customer sees when they filter using their vehicle all the way down to a submodel
  • Store owner can select to use the "Fitment" product template for their product details display, which will display all fitments that are applicable to that vehicle part
  • Category navigation also gets filtered
  • Manufacturer navigation also gets filtered
  • Product Tags also get filtered


MORE features:

  • Import/export fitments
  • Performance improvements
  • Multiple widget zones
  • Localization
  • Option to display Search button
  • Show products upon search, instead of categories
  • Add multiple fitments to a product at once
  • Universal product support

To see more features, please visit the Nop Vehicle Fitments Release Notes page.


To see a demo please visit:

To log in to the admin view please use the following credentials:


Password: admin

A Vehicle Fitment User Guide is available so help you setup and configure the plugin.

If you have any questions, issues setting up or configuring the plugin, or just want help, please Contact Us

Products specifications
nopCommerce version 3.50
nopCommerce version 3.60
nopCommerce version 3.70
nopCommerce version 3.80
nopCommerce version 3.90
nopCommerce version 4.00
nopCommerce version 4.10
nopCommerce version 4.20
nopCommerce version 4.30
nopCommerce version 4.60
Multi-store No
SQL Server Supported Yes
Support 1 year free support and upgrades
SQL Server Compact Supported No
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