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License FAQs

General license information

1. Is my license valid for local development or internal servers?
Yes, both single and multiple domain licenses are valid for local development.  If you would like to use our plugins in your internal servers/environment for testing purposes, please use your internal URL and when you are ready to move to production you can Contact Us and we will generate you a new license for your production URL.

2. Can I still use my product after my license has expired in 1 year?
Yes, you can still use the product, but if you wish to continue to receive free upgrades and support, you will have to renew your license.  

3. I do not know the URL for my single domain license, what should I enter for the Domain URL field when I buy the license?
If you do not know the domain of your nopCommerce project it is suggested that you wait until you know the final URL of your domain.  With that being said, you can enter a temporary URL and still purchase the product but only use it for local development purposes.  Then you can contact us with the final URL and we will generate you a new license.

 Multiple domain license

1. What does a multiple domain license mean?
The multiple domain license means that you can use the product on as many websites\domains as you need. The multiple domain license is intended for companies who want to use the product on at least two or more domains.

2. I am using one installation of nopCommerce with multi-store. Do I need a multiple domain license to use one of your plugins?
Yes, the multi-store can be used only with multiple domains or subdomains, which according to our licensing policy requires a multiple domain license.

3. What URL should I use when I buy a multiple domain license?
When you buy a multiple domain license you can enter any URL but we suggest that the URL is linked to you somehow, for example your company URL.

License renewal

1. How much does it cost to renew my license?
All customers have the following pricing options to renew their licenses:

- Early renewal (before license expiration) - 50% OFF the current list price of the product

- If a customer wants to renew their license after the license expiration, they need to buy the product again.

2. How can I renew my license?

As your license expiration date draws near, you will receive a renewal reminder email at 90, 60 and 30 days before the expiration date.

There are two ways to renew a license depending upon if you created an account at checkout or if you checked out as a guest.

1. If you checked out as a guest - there will be a Renew License link, that you can click, in the renewal emails

2. If you created an account during checkout - you can log into your account and navigate to My Account -> Downloadable Products page and press the Renew button next to the product that they want to renew.

3. What is included in the upgrades/updates of my product?
The upgrades of all our nopCommerce plugins can consist of any of the following:

- Upgrade to the newest version of nopCommerce

- New features

- Bug fixes and improvements