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Vehicle Fitment User Guide



1. Copy contents of plugin to your nopCommerce installation.

2. Download the license key file emailed to you after your purchase, and place that fle inside of the "Nixtus.Widgets.Fitments" plugin folder.

3. Navigate to the plugin screen in nopCommerce and "Reload list of plugins" and then install the "Vehicle Fitments" plugin

4. After installation click Plugins > Vehicle Fitments (this will take you to the configuration screen)


1. After you navigate to the configuration screen, there will be options to for your to configure.


 - In the tab grid is where you will setup all of your year, make, model and submodel values.  After you setup those values, then on the "Fitments" tab, is where you combine those values to create your fitments that will be applied to products


Adding Fitments to Products

1. Navigate to an existing product or create a new product

2. In the product details navigate to the tab called "Fitments"

3. Once on the "Fitments" tab click "Add New Fitment".

4. On this screen you can search for fitments and then mark the check box on the left and click save.

5. Then you will see your selected fitments back on the product details fitments tab.



Applying the "Fitment product" template to products

The "Fitment product" template displays all fitments associated to a product on the product details page.

1. Edit a product in the admin area

2. Under "Product template:" select "Fitment product" and save the product.

3. Now all fitments will display on the product details page


Upgrading fitment plugin from nopCommerce 3.50 to nopCommerce 3.60

1. Inside of the "Nixtus.Widgets.Fitments" plugin folder, locate the "Upgrade" folder and inside the file named "Upgrade-nop3.50-3.60--v.1.1.0-1.2.0.sql"

2. Connect to your nopCommerce 3.50 database and run the script mentioned in step 1.

3. Then copy over the new files and restart your application